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The mission of LVDLCS is to create a community of bilingual, multicultural, life-long learners committed to academic excellence and leadership while celebrating diversity and identity. 

                                                                                                  Community * Diversity * Identity 



Our vision is a community of bilingual and bi-cultural, life-long learners committed to excellence and dedicated to learning and leadership.


We believe that:

  • We are a community that is made stronger through its diversity.

  • Each individual within our organization has value and brings unique experiences to the community that makes us a rich learning environment.

  • We are creating a community where all members feel equal responsibility for the success and growth of the community and society as a whole.

  • The success of our school is dependent upon the contribution of the students, the staff, the families, and the community.

  • We are creating an environment that is safe and secure and ensures the successful learning of all students.

The School's Profile of Graduate

Upon the successful completion of the educational programming at Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School our students will develop:


Foundational Skills:

  • Understand the need to be a life-long learner and build skills to persevere on an educational path

  • Utilize critical thinking skills and decision making skills

  • Demonstrate competency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in both English and Spanish

  • Demonstrate competency in math computation and math problem solving skills

  • Demonstrate competency in implementing the scientific method across settings

  • Demonstrate competency in local, regional, national, and world geography and use this knowledge to think critically about current events

  • Demonstrate competency in technology resources to utilize those resources to improve all other foundational skills

  • Demonstrate an appreciation for art and music throughout our multicultural society

Personal Qualities:

  • Demonstrate competency in understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and making appropriate choices

  • Display a strong sense of personal responsibility for choices and behaviors

  • Demonstrate an awareness and respect for our diverse, multicultural society

  • Utilize all foundational skills to be positive citizens in any setting

  • Utilize all foundational skills to be caretakers of the environment

  • Demonstrate an understanding of democracy and the responsibilities of being a good citizen within a democratic system.


  • Dual Language Instructional Strategies

  • Smaller Student-to-Teacher Ratio

  • Multi-Disciplinary Project Program

  • Individual Student Achievement Plans

  • Summer School

  • Saturday Programs

  • Parent Literacy Programs

  • School Uniforms

  • Expected Parental Involvement

  • 10 Professional Development Days including Study Groups with University Partnerships

  • Project-Based Learning 


**Please see the "LVDLCS Expecting and Achieving Success" Document (found under the school publications tab) for even more information regarding educational strategies and programming implemented at LVDLCS** 


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