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Language immersion students learn a second language in much the same way they learned their native tongues. Students are taught a second language not only in a language class, but also in non-language subjects, in which the second language is used in all forms of communication.


Each subject is taught consistently in either Spanish or English throughout the school year. This stability gives our students the time and possibility to attain a high level of fluency and competency in both languages of instruction.


Our dual language education program allows students to become fully fluent in Spanish and English, giving them a distinct benefit over their monolingual peers. Bilingual education and bilingualism have proven to support and enhance cognitive, linguistic and social development.


Small class sizes and a qualified faculty ensure that our students receive the individual attention and care needed to excel both academically and socially. In many classes, an assistat teacher will be present to ensure the individual support of all students.

After School Program

Contact Person:       Ms. Figueroa


                                 During after school hours: 484-684-5324

Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School is committed to the academic learning, achievement, and social success of our students.  This year we will provide the opportunity for your child to participate in extra-curricular activities. The classes are designed to inspire and teach them a variety of stimulating learning skills that will continue to enlighten our children to be honest, respectful & proactive leaders in our community. 


The Enrichment classes that we are currently offering are:

Kids On The Move. Students will participate in a variety of exercises and fitness activities that will promote a healthy lifestyle and promote team-building skills and good sportsmanship. In addition to the fitness activities, students will learn how to create healthy meals on the go that will be suitable and safe to make at home

Fashionistas In The Making. Students will gradually learn about the basic elements of fashion, which include: learning how to sketch, fashion terminology, styles, trends, influential designers, and beauty/cosmetics. To foster literacy skills and incorporate math concepts students will also learn how to use numbers, dimensions, and measurements to create makeup looks, nail designs, and stylish apparel.

Art & Photography. Art Club explores all of the elements of art through a wide range of materials and mediums. We challenge the students to get creative, use their imagination, and acquire and practice a variety of artistic techniques and skills. The small group size allows us to experiment and experience art in ways we cannot during the regular school day! Students can count on getting messy and having lots of fun, finding new ways to express themselves artistically!

Kids In The Kitchen. While learning about good nutrition, what's in seasonings, planning and preparing meals and reading food labels, students will learn how to step-by-step prepare meals of different cultures. While cooking students will also learn about the elements of table etiquette, manners, and customer service.

Drama & Theater. Students rehearse and perform personalized scripted plays and/or skits. Students in Drama Club learn the basics of stagecraft, self-discipline and the importance of hard work, creativity, and self-confidence.

Every Student Succeeds Act - Federal Report

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Dual Language Elementary and Middle School

  • Full Language Immersion in all subjects taught in Spanish

  • Bilingual Staff

  • Bi-Cultural Staff

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